Sunday, 30 October 2011

Speaking of halloween

Last night I watched with some friends 'Drag me to Hell'. Has anybody seen that film? -there might be spoilers ahead,i warn thee.
I think it's one of the most fake films I've ever watched. So there's this old gypsy woman, that places(?) a curse on that loan officer/main character of the film,using one of her personal belongings,a button(careful,this is important). In three days,she's going to die,unless she gives the goddamn button to somebody. And the Lamia kills the main character,end of the story.
Yep,that's that,nothing more,nothing less. Sorry if i spoiled it for you. But why the hell doesn't she get rid of the fucking button? [On the other hand,that might be the only thing she did right in this film. So yeah.] The effects are laaaame. And she kills a cat. [Okay, i admit it, i closed my eyes during that scene,i don't know if they show the dead cat or anything,but i closed them anyway when she walked towards the kitty with a knife in her hands.] Oh! And there is a talking goat! A goat that screams 'You tricked me,you black-hearted whoooore! You biiiitch!' or something along those lines. Yes,really. THIS is in a movie. Oh yeah. And the greek translation in the subtitles makes it sound even funnier. And the old gypsy woman keeps vomiting all over the place.
I suppose you understand that I cannot say I enjoyed this movie, but it did make me laugh,just by watching those miserable scenes trying to convince me it's a horror movie.
It also made me realise i make more Harry Potter references than i used to,even though i haven't watched all the movies till the end, and given the fact that i'm not a massive HP fan.
I would also like to clarify that my friend wanted to see this because of Justin Long. So we're pretty much forgiven for choosing it.
Overall, though, i think we had a pretty nice time,didn't we guys? Plus, if you haven't read The Compass Rose yet, read it, cause it's awesome. ^___^

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  1. must have thanked me for not choosing "a home at the end of the world"!
    plus justin long(and the goat)made the movie watchable,innit?^_^


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