Monday, 24 October 2011

Forever alone.

My phone's voice dialer totally creeps me out. It just press itself somehow and then it starts talking with that voice in the middle of the night. "Say a command." I command you to stop talking to me. Like, now. Seriously.
Then you just don't say anything,anything at all,and it thinks you've said "call" so it says "Say a name or number." Well, since you asked, ummm what about Johnny Depp or 666?
There's something weird going on with cars as well. Have you ever thought you saw somebody in a parked car, but weren't exactly sure, and you double-checked it and there was nobody there? Yes,that happened. And then the door opened and someone stepped out of the car. The double-checked empty car. o.o I think I literally jumped with terror when that happened. Oh I'm such a girl. GURL.
Bored. Off to bed(where all the...magic happens!wink wink nudge nudge). Forever alone.


  1. I think you write poems without noticing it...

  2. This may be the best thing anyone has ever said to me. :3


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