Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Yeah,luck or something.

So today I had to take some photographs of places around here, landscapes, buildings etc for my sketches. I finally found half an hour that I could actually spend on it and that I didn't have to be somewhere else, grabbed my camera, and when we got out of the school the adventure began.
I had checked, of course, that my camera was charged. Not fully charged, just charged. Enough battery to work normally anyway. After all, all I needed -at least for the time being- was just a couple of photographs. As soon as I found the right spot to stand to take that first photograph, my camera said to me with an evil grin "Battery exhausted!" And obviously I didn't have the time to go back to my house,find another camera and get back to the spot,and oh you get me.
Conclusion: I may not find the lamest excuses ever for my delays/lack of homework/etc, but they sure do find me. I kid you not. And now my day is gone, I have to wait till Sunday. I'll probably borrow a good camera and go walk somewhere,somehow.

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