Sunday, 7 November 2010

the mansion song

hell-oh. All I can think about is the mansion song (by Kate Nash). Which feels totally wrong. And I have to study. Fuuuck. Fuck school. Hypocrisis. We're all phoney. Phoney face is an expression that doesn't exist. You taught me that. But that's what we all are. Phoney faces in a small world. How do I feel about him? I don't know. I saw you today on my way to my class. It couldn't possibly be you,so I just looked down to my shoes,then up to the sky and then towards you again. Of course it wasn't you. I wish it could be you. He didn't talk to me because he wanted to study. I couldn't study at the time. I couldn't study at all. You said you'd text me shortly afterwords,but you didn't. You don't avoid me know. But what the hell did you think about me yesterday? If you could hear me... I'm worried you know,and nervous. And I will be till I know whether what they told me is truth or not. It's not that I like you, at  least in that way, but it's not that I hate you. I just care about you,and instantly,my life seems better when you talk to me. Will you talk to me? I'll even learn to love your pet. I almost already do. Shit, I don't like you. You were just too close at first and more distant yesterday. It was my fault. We should see films together. Go walking. Go somewhere. You invited me to spend the summer with you, but it's still november. You don't even know whether we will be friends then. You just can't know. But thanks:)