Tuesday, 11 October 2011

11/10 or 12/10?

News of the week:my brother is in hospital.I'm not going to get really into this due to my lack of knowledge on the subject,you know,english medical terms and stuff. But it's not that serious after all,tomorrow he's having a surgery and next week hopefully he'll be fine.
On an other note,i keep repeating to myself i should procrastinate less. I'm procrastinating all the fucking time! Especially with studying. My grades are something more than ok,their almost perfect,BUT i don't study as i should. I mean,everybody sees me being tired and then getting a really high grade,and they think i study like a lot. You know what? I may be tired but it's just that the previous day i couldn't sleep and i was watching youtube videos till 1am. Youtube can be bloody addictive... And anyway. It's not that i don't study at all,I'm not Einstein or something to know everything just like that,but i don't study every day. Which is weird. Cause i end up admitting that i've got no free time.
I'm also procrastinating on being a youtuber myself. I've been wanting to do this for 2 or 3 years now,but i still haven't done anything. This is lame. I know how to blog,i have the camera,i think i could handle this. But i havent even tried.
My eyes are hopelessly closing. Goodnight.

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