Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Your cigarette

You ignorant person dropping your lit up cigarette out of your window in the middle of the road,please remember to make sure there's nobody passing right in front of your house before dropping it, please. Somebody could have their hair burnt,their head burnt for fuck's sake,but after all it's just that it's objectively not polite and doesn't show respect neither to the environment-and thank god we already have so many morons that do not respect it,so don't be one of them- nor to me or any other passenger close by. And that's that,and it has happened two times this week already.
Not to even mention that stupid lady trying to throw her chewing gum into the bin while driving past it. Well done lady,you did it,you threw it 1.5 meters away from the bin, and 0.01 nm away from my foot. Congratulations. It was so clever of you.
I think my blog has turned into a hating-things-of-everyday-life-exposition-of-ideas. Don't take me wrong, sure there are greater problems in the world, but those little things just drive me crazy every time. And here's the only place where I can talk about it.
Oh and the last part on the previous post was a reference to you know who. If you know me well enough or if you spend a significant amount of time on youtube,you'll know who.
By the way. Biller,still havent listened to those songs,I know,I'm pretty lame. Oradon call me. Please?

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