Sunday, 9 October 2011

I always suck at finding blog titles

So shit's been going on lately. MORE than before,as if that was possible. Basically, I haven't gone out for 3 weeks. You know,going to the cinema with friends or something like that. No,apart from having something to eat on Friday before going to my drawing class,I haven't gone out at all,due to a combination of tons of studying and bad mood. Today however i was supposed to go out like a normal person does,but no,of course not,what the hell,i did not. My mum disagreed with my choice of clothes(and i assure you there is nothing wrong with wearing a tshirt and jacket when it's pretty cold outside) and i got angry and i may have slammed the door a little bit,but hey! It's not the end of the world is it? Well,for her it was. She didn't let me go out FOR SLAMMING A FUCKING DOOR. Even though she knows how hard I'm trying for school and stuff. And i don't deserve this,and of course i did not apologise to her or anything. Cause after all i don't fucking have to. And she said things. Lots of things. And my dad came back and she continued saying stuff,and now she told me that she's never waking me up for school again. Then again waking up is the hardest thing ever for me,but i think i'll live. And i whispered alright and left the room.
By the way,since I'm talking about this,she doesn't let me be a vegetarian. Earlier this week someone in my neighbourhood had left for some reason parts of an animal on the road and there was blood all over the place. I was shocked. And today my mum wanted me to have a steak. You know what? I nearly cried all over it. Think about it. It was young and joyful,and had legs and voice for god's sake. And she made me eat it.
My head hurts. Either I had too much of that liquor i was drinking earlier,or it's just that i need sleep. It's almost 1am. Come on,sleep.
"And sleep does not come
Because sleep does not will it"


  1. Ok..when did all this happen?
    We have HAVE HAVE to meet!
    It's decided! We're going out this Saturday!
    I haven't heard from you in ages!
    For the love of..Kurosaki!

    Ok, fan-girl aside, be patient for a few more months. Then you can claim your freedom.


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