Sunday, 30 October 2011

Speaking of halloween

Last night I watched with some friends 'Drag me to Hell'. Has anybody seen that film? -there might be spoilers ahead,i warn thee.
I think it's one of the most fake films I've ever watched. So there's this old gypsy woman, that places(?) a curse on that loan officer/main character of the film,using one of her personal belongings,a button(careful,this is important). In three days,she's going to die,unless she gives the goddamn button to somebody. And the Lamia kills the main character,end of the story.
Yep,that's that,nothing more,nothing less. Sorry if i spoiled it for you. But why the hell doesn't she get rid of the fucking button? [On the other hand,that might be the only thing she did right in this film. So yeah.] The effects are laaaame. And she kills a cat. [Okay, i admit it, i closed my eyes during that scene,i don't know if they show the dead cat or anything,but i closed them anyway when she walked towards the kitty with a knife in her hands.] Oh! And there is a talking goat! A goat that screams 'You tricked me,you black-hearted whoooore! You biiiitch!' or something along those lines. Yes,really. THIS is in a movie. Oh yeah. And the greek translation in the subtitles makes it sound even funnier. And the old gypsy woman keeps vomiting all over the place.
I suppose you understand that I cannot say I enjoyed this movie, but it did make me laugh,just by watching those miserable scenes trying to convince me it's a horror movie.
It also made me realise i make more Harry Potter references than i used to,even though i haven't watched all the movies till the end, and given the fact that i'm not a massive HP fan.
I would also like to clarify that my friend wanted to see this because of Justin Long. So we're pretty much forgiven for choosing it.
Overall, though, i think we had a pretty nice time,didn't we guys? Plus, if you haven't read The Compass Rose yet, read it, cause it's awesome. ^___^


It's been 2 days now i think; I've been getting a lot of views from Belgium and India, but I can't see any views on my posts. I can see however the links that brought you(however you are) here,or the key words you typed in google or something. So is this true? I'm kind of confused. You could say they are... ghost-views, and now we're on a halloween theme:P Has blogger mixed up the stats thingy? Are you really here?
Tim,last week you said something like that happened to you,right?

Friday, 28 October 2011

FF-Friday failure

Watching 'Midnight in Paris' failed;we never even got there. Watching 'An education' or 'Brothers' failed as well. We didn't even get to finish 'A home at the end of the world'. Sleep? Naaaah. Lots of homework and lessons instead. And pizza. And chinese food. The only things that happened after all. Still 2.5 days to go till monday. Lets wait.

FF aka Franz Ferdinand. Love.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


No school on Thursday and Friday yay!^___^ Good times to come-and loads of sleep. I want to see Brothers with Natalie Portman or An education with Carey Mulligan. Haven't decided yet though. And beer's definitely on the plan!;)
-I intended to write so much more,but's past midnight and I've been really sleepy today,so...yeah.-
I've got to stop being on the internet so much -on the computer in general- because it makes my eyes hurt. They become red and oohhh they hurt so damn much.
Is that a bear on your bed?
That was meant to be posted yesterday,but internet was probably as tired as I was so it couldn't be uploaded. Myl myl is going to go to Costello tonight, and my mum just remembered that she wanted to ask me to go there too,plus she wouldn't count it as a concert cause it's taking place at Megaron-the Athens concert hall,where usually more 'highly cultural' events take place(as if this sentence makes sense). Anyway, she remembered it a bit too late,so im probably going to watch Midnight in Paris. Heard it's really good.

"Broken, broken, broken heart, when will you just go away?"

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Your cigarette

You ignorant person dropping your lit up cigarette out of your window in the middle of the road,please remember to make sure there's nobody passing right in front of your house before dropping it, please. Somebody could have their hair burnt,their head burnt for fuck's sake,but after all it's just that it's objectively not polite and doesn't show respect neither to the environment-and thank god we already have so many morons that do not respect it,so don't be one of them- nor to me or any other passenger close by. And that's that,and it has happened two times this week already.
Not to even mention that stupid lady trying to throw her chewing gum into the bin while driving past it. Well done lady,you did it,you threw it 1.5 meters away from the bin, and 0.01 nm away from my foot. Congratulations. It was so clever of you.
I think my blog has turned into a hating-things-of-everyday-life-exposition-of-ideas. Don't take me wrong, sure there are greater problems in the world, but those little things just drive me crazy every time. And here's the only place where I can talk about it.
Oh and the last part on the previous post was a reference to you know who. If you know me well enough or if you spend a significant amount of time on youtube,you'll know who.
By the way. Biller,still havent listened to those songs,I know,I'm pretty lame. Oradon call me. Please?

Monday, 24 October 2011

Forever alone.

My phone's voice dialer totally creeps me out. It just press itself somehow and then it starts talking with that voice in the middle of the night. "Say a command." I command you to stop talking to me. Like, now. Seriously.
Then you just don't say anything,anything at all,and it thinks you've said "call" so it says "Say a name or number." Well, since you asked, ummm what about Johnny Depp or 666?
There's something weird going on with cars as well. Have you ever thought you saw somebody in a parked car, but weren't exactly sure, and you double-checked it and there was nobody there? Yes,that happened. And then the door opened and someone stepped out of the car. The double-checked empty car. o.o I think I literally jumped with terror when that happened. Oh I'm such a girl. GURL.
Bored. Off to bed(where all the...magic happens!wink wink nudge nudge). Forever alone.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

On a happier note...

...Alex Kapranos replied to me on twitter,and more importantly in greek. Apparently,they're coming to Greece soon. I was so excited!^__^ Even more than the time Yannis Philippakis favourited my tweet. Probably less than the time PJ replied to me on youtube. Oh god.


Και πανω που πηγαινα να χαρω για τη συναυλια των mogwai αυριο, αναβληθηκε, χωρις φυσικα να χουν πει ποτε σκοπευουν να γινει. Ε δε το λες και τυχη αυτο.
I don't think I am the most patient person in the world.Off to the dentist again.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Despite what myl-myl said about it,i decided not to go to Rome,in order to save up some money and have a good rest at home. This better be good.

Monday, 17 October 2011

My neighbourhood.

You may think this is going to be a nice descriptive post,but you should know upfront that it is not. It's just my thoughts on recent events that have taken place around my neighbourhood. It may be just a coincidence but the last ten days or so can be described by just one word;death. It all started when someone who went hunting or something(weird indeed) decided it was actually a really good idea to just leave parts of the animal(intestines and stuff) on the street. Why would anyone leave that on the damn street?! First of all,it's disgusting. But even more than that, it is murder,and whoever did that,shouldn't be that proud of it. [Well now that I re-read this,I think I have already said that again on another post,having to do with my recent views on being a vegetarian,but in order to keep my thoughts coherent on this one,I don't think I should remove it afterall.] Just a few days later,there was a dead pigeon on the street. I'm not going to blabber about driving carefully and stuff,but whoever you are,so you'd better be careful,because killing by accident doesn't show anything good about yourself. And yes pigeons can be stupid,and I don't particularly like them,but I wouldn't kill them either. And parts of a spine(there's definitely something wrong with this sentence-seriously wtf). Supposing it comes from an animal(I watch too many movies,but I don't think I'd really enjoy it to live on Fleet Street next to Sweeney#2),why would a lovely housewife be throwing bloody bones out of her window? It just makes no sense. So yeah,today there was a dead cat. A dead cat. I don't think it was killed by someone, I mean there was no blood or anything. Perhaps it ate something spoilt from the piles of rubbish(in case you didn't know they are on a strike again and the whole city has turned into a rubbish dump-but then,if you're not from Greece how would you know...),yet I find the view of any dead animal,especially that of a dead cat,rather unpleasant and I felt so bad that nobody cared about it,nobody turned to look at it and think "oh,poor cat,you died all alone,but i want you to know that I've loved you even though I don't even remotely know you". My neighbourhood disappoints me. People in general disappoint me. Well,just their mentality really. Do we even deserve to be considered as humans anymore?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Exactly when you're thinking it can't get any worse... realise you're wrong. Like seriously fucking wrong. Of course it can get worse and life has proved that more than once. The important question is how long can you stand it.
Today was Liarbirds' live at six dogs. I might have mentioned that on a previous post. But me and my friend were super excited about this,since we know the lead singer/guitarist,and oh you get me. It would be really cool to go.BUT no that did not happen because we didn't know how to get there. And we kept doing circles for an hour or so. And by the time we figured out where it was,I kinda had to go.
Ultimate fucking fail. I'm angry and I can't figure out how did we let this happen. Four weekends staying in,and now this. Aaaaarrrrggggh.
Basically I wrote this 2 days ago,but I couldn't upload it. Here you go,put this in a past tense.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Insomnia and stuff

What's the point of setting rules if you're not going to keep them anyway? Of course I'm referring to procrastination again. I had literally so many things to do and i ended up doing nothing. Again. I went to frontistirio,so that lasted 3 hours, I went to the dentist(can't remember how long that lasted,cause it was weird,perhaps awful,like all the visits to any kind of doctors are), but apart from that, I mainly did nothing. I just spent all of my time on youtube and blogspot and vyou watching all the youtubers I know answering questions and thinking how cool some of them are.
Which brings me back to my own blog. So,this is kinda weird,but recently I've noticed 2 or 3 sites that show up in my stats in the 'referring urls' section. And those sites are completely irrelevant,like gothise dot com and risingtaste dot com. I just hate it when something like this happens,cause I really want to know my stats and everything,which is of course something next to zero if you think about it,but never give up hope. Plus. The posts that have the most views are Grease,Hachiko a dog's story and Cinema paradiso.None of them has a real review or anything,but in any case,those people who have found my blog have all found it through the image search. Well I got the pictures from other people, so I don't know why mine are showing up first. Anyway. Most of those people do not even look at my blog. They just download the photo and leave. And the views to my 'real' posts are up to 10 or something. It's sad.
Did I mention my brother's surgery went fine? No,I didn't,so I'm doing it now.
Fuck its 1.35 am again. What the fuck is wrong with time.I begun writing this post 3 or 4 hours ago, that's how much procrastination we're talking about. I honestly would like to know whether it's my insomnia that keeps me watching videos and blogging,or the other way round.
I want to keep writing just to feel sleepy at some point,but this will become boring and long know.
Ps.I might have said 'really' quite a lot in this post.I apologise. :]

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

11/10 or 12/10?

News of the week:my brother is in hospital.I'm not going to get really into this due to my lack of knowledge on the subject,you know,english medical terms and stuff. But it's not that serious after all,tomorrow he's having a surgery and next week hopefully he'll be fine.
On an other note,i keep repeating to myself i should procrastinate less. I'm procrastinating all the fucking time! Especially with studying. My grades are something more than ok,their almost perfect,BUT i don't study as i should. I mean,everybody sees me being tired and then getting a really high grade,and they think i study like a lot. You know what? I may be tired but it's just that the previous day i couldn't sleep and i was watching youtube videos till 1am. Youtube can be bloody addictive... And anyway. It's not that i don't study at all,I'm not Einstein or something to know everything just like that,but i don't study every day. Which is weird. Cause i end up admitting that i've got no free time.
I'm also procrastinating on being a youtuber myself. I've been wanting to do this for 2 or 3 years now,but i still haven't done anything. This is lame. I know how to blog,i have the camera,i think i could handle this. But i havent even tried.
My eyes are hopelessly closing. Goodnight.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

I always suck at finding blog titles

So shit's been going on lately. MORE than before,as if that was possible. Basically, I haven't gone out for 3 weeks. You know,going to the cinema with friends or something like that. No,apart from having something to eat on Friday before going to my drawing class,I haven't gone out at all,due to a combination of tons of studying and bad mood. Today however i was supposed to go out like a normal person does,but no,of course not,what the hell,i did not. My mum disagreed with my choice of clothes(and i assure you there is nothing wrong with wearing a tshirt and jacket when it's pretty cold outside) and i got angry and i may have slammed the door a little bit,but hey! It's not the end of the world is it? Well,for her it was. She didn't let me go out FOR SLAMMING A FUCKING DOOR. Even though she knows how hard I'm trying for school and stuff. And i don't deserve this,and of course i did not apologise to her or anything. Cause after all i don't fucking have to. And she said things. Lots of things. And my dad came back and she continued saying stuff,and now she told me that she's never waking me up for school again. Then again waking up is the hardest thing ever for me,but i think i'll live. And i whispered alright and left the room.
By the way,since I'm talking about this,she doesn't let me be a vegetarian. Earlier this week someone in my neighbourhood had left for some reason parts of an animal on the road and there was blood all over the place. I was shocked. And today my mum wanted me to have a steak. You know what? I nearly cried all over it. Think about it. It was young and joyful,and had legs and voice for god's sake. And she made me eat it.
My head hurts. Either I had too much of that liquor i was drinking earlier,or it's just that i need sleep. It's almost 1am. Come on,sleep.
"And sleep does not come
Because sleep does not will it"

Saturday, 8 October 2011


In my dream I wrote one hell of a post on here. Too bad I can't remember a word.
It's raining at last. Maybe there is a god that heard me. I love rainy days.
Camera Obscura and Nouvelle Vague sound so nice tonight. My brain is literally melted right now (don't even try to picture this-I don't even know what I'm trying to say).
This week a friend of mine (or something like that) is playing with his band called Liarbirds at s.i.x. dogs. Next week it's Mogwai. Next month it's Yann Tiersen. And I'm running out of money,how am I going to get the tickets? God I'm so excited, and I really, really want to go.
Tim I think I know what you mean.
By the way, I’m really sorry about your fish. :(

Thursday, 6 October 2011

It's kinda weird,but in a good way.

You're so nice to me after all. I like you when you're being nice. See? All you gotta do is show me that you care,and that's enough. Even if I have no answers to your questions... My life is not that interesting anyway, and as much as you'd want me to have a boyfriend,I really doubt anything like that is going to happen in the near future. Cause right now, I don't need one. I just need you to be my lovely friend, and that will keep me from depression. Or not. You've got to like 'the singing tree' cause it's awesome. And PJ's awesome as well, and I swear to god I'll sing this to you someday. Probably by then I'll have a guitar,will know how to play,and will have finally moved in a cute,little house in England.
He said you're the cuttest creature on earth or something along those lines. I don't know if you've seen it, but yes, he did. And that's good,cause you are. And I think I just made another cheesy post, blabbering about you.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Laura Marling - Night Terror

Oh, a candle at my chest, and a hand on his knee.


My brother is singing (or at least that's what he thinks he does) right outside my room,and I wanna sleep.

My classmates voted for Rome. I might start thinking of going to another place with my mum or something,  I wanna see something different. Maybe Rotterdam or Stockholm. Not that Rome is not nice and all,but 10 days in Rome during summer were enough I think. Plus I'm not at all into clubbing. And they will go to a club, that's for sure.
God I wanted to go to Prague so much.

-today is not such a good day either as it seems.-

Monday, 3 October 2011


Life is shit,the world is black and I wanna die.
Yes,I think this pretty much sums it all up.
Life has its ups and downs,but this week can be described by juuuust one word.HORRIBLE.I don't know why,but it just was.
And at the age of almost 17 I actually get to listen to My chemical romance,and actually find a meaning in those words.Maybe I'm getting back to when I was 14.
"Life is but a dream for the dead."