Wednesday, 26 October 2011


No school on Thursday and Friday yay!^___^ Good times to come-and loads of sleep. I want to see Brothers with Natalie Portman or An education with Carey Mulligan. Haven't decided yet though. And beer's definitely on the plan!;)
-I intended to write so much more,but's past midnight and I've been really sleepy today,so...yeah.-
I've got to stop being on the internet so much -on the computer in general- because it makes my eyes hurt. They become red and oohhh they hurt so damn much.
Is that a bear on your bed?
That was meant to be posted yesterday,but internet was probably as tired as I was so it couldn't be uploaded. Myl myl is going to go to Costello tonight, and my mum just remembered that she wanted to ask me to go there too,plus she wouldn't count it as a concert cause it's taking place at Megaron-the Athens concert hall,where usually more 'highly cultural' events take place(as if this sentence makes sense). Anyway, she remembered it a bit too late,so im probably going to watch Midnight in Paris. Heard it's really good.

"Broken, broken, broken heart, when will you just go away?"

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  1. γαματη ελενη26 October 2011 at 18:56

    never never never never never! we already discus it inthe morning and you are still asking?


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