Monday, 9 May 2011

Hello and then goodbye cruel world!

Felt like saying hello:P Nothing's new,and I'm just really r-e-a-l-l-y tired. I haven't done a review for ages!All I feel like is sleeping. And uploading music. Which brings me,fellow readers(yeah sure,nobody reads my stuff!:P), to the point I start complaining about youtube. I've been trying to upload some songs from Metronomy's new album "The english riviera" cause I found it amazing,but ummm youtube,or at least the recording label,keeps blocking my videos. The album came out like a month ago,but still,there are other people with some of those tracks on youtube as well. Where's the difference? Plus, I tried uploading other stuff too,like that video from Poirot's live at Passport and the sound goes off.Naaah,fuck you youtube.

Goodbye cruel world.If you never see me again,it's because "you're so beautiful it hurts to look at you."
No time for explanations.I should have said it earlier.