Monday, 28 November 2011


My mum claims that buying a nintendo is the silliest thing she's heard all week. She'd rather buy me a canon 550d that costs a lot, especially compared to a nintendo. But anyway. I think she means it like "I'd rather buy you that, but I'm not going to, so why don't we leave it at that?"
So yeah, colourful socks will do. Colourful socks will do.


Hey! Did you see it? I'm on youtube! Ahhhh this just feels so good. I'm so damn excited.

yeah,that's a thing i'm going to do from now on.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Things you can find on the Internet

...and that should not be there.
For example, take a look at this.
This is a picture of me and my sister that I uploaded ages ago on Facebook. I didn't make this account - obviously. Whoever did that is such a moron. I honestly do not understand why anybody would do that. I've found out that this has happened to other people too, so maybe it happens automatically or something. I searched many friends' names though, and nobody else showed up. At least, 3 good people voted for "not a jerk". Eff you jerks.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I was going to make a blogpost but I forgot what I wanted to say. My mind is just literally not working right now, due to lots of hours in front of a computer screen and biology right after that. I want to make a video thing so bad but I'll look weird and I'll feel awkward. Aaaah. My head is such a mess.
Last week I wrote a post about weird habits and stuff, but it didn't make it up here. And I'm too bored to write it again. So here you go, you can hear the part where I mention things about me that you probably shouldn't know.
1.I can only sleep on the one side of my pillow. And only on a certain corner of it. If I just put my head in any other place of my own pillow, I'll get insomnia and lose my sleep. Is it normal?
2.I sometimes act kind of awkward towards people who kiss you on both cheeks when they see you. You know when 'hello' means hugs and kisses and stuff. I hadn't noticed until recently, when someone pointed out how I looked at them. They described my look as 'looking terribly afraid and confused', which I guess is partly true.
3.I keep biting the inside of my cheeks when i get nervous. I've read on the internet it's some kind of anxiety disorder?!
4.I obviously tend to forget things when I'm thinking of something else,I totally had a no.4 thing to say.

On a totally unrelated note, someone from the other floor(?) has decided to sing and she's giving me a headache.
Second unrelated note, PJ and Chris will be travelling around Europe, they've announced cities, not including Athens of course, and they'll be couch surfing. There will be people asking them to stay in their houses. Lucky bastards. Damn.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Just a few things I want to say to the Internetzzz

I know I'm making a big deal out of it,but Hachi has twice as many views as Grease. And 870 views is A LOT. And I want to stop it, but i don't know how. On an other note,I'm thinking of making reviews on pokemon episodes, because I've found myself really enjoying it. You know, just to keep track of things going on and pokemon names. I wish I will not be annoying anybody on here who's not interested in that kind of stuff. Plus. Weird phone calls in the middle of the night are just weird. Fact.

EDIT: Didn't know how the pages thing work, so I made another blog for pokemon. Hooray! Now seriously Alice, shut the fuck up.


I never watched pokemon as a child,cause my parents didn't let me. Well,i used to watch it secretly sometimes because i loved Jessie and James, but don't tell them. Anyway, I'm off for a new start,even if this is definitely not a good time. Season 1 episode 1. Well done, I'll be the pokemon master.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I'm probably going to die one of these days, I've got so much work to do. Plus I started this art thingy and it's taking quite a long time, so yeah...
Oh the update! Hachi vs Grease:517 vs 417. Epic fail for the epic win? This is getting on my nerves.
My asthma is kind of weird these days, and I feel exhausteeeed. Almost 1am. Still sketching by the way.
I might as well be already dead.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The bluebell.

Down in the park
And the lust of the light
Among the stray dogs and families
I smell the bonfires, and
Watch the bonbs
Fireworks burst above the trees
And to pillows of white cloud, and
Another year has gone
Now it is the fifth of November
I lock the doors and swallow the key
And draw the curtains, closed forever
So if you don't know Patrick Wolf, you should totally go listen to him. The bluebell. Oh, Patrick. It's been 3 and a half years. I was in love.
Guy Fawkes. Time to re-watch V for Vendetta,right?

I don't approve of Hachiko aka endless talking, so beware.

Hachiko: a dog's story, or Hachi: a dog's tale, or whatever you want to call it,is obviously a movie about a dog. I watched it earlier this year, when i was still posting about movies and stuff. I didn't write a review or anything(due to lack of time),i just posted the posters i found on the internet and the trailer. It was a nice movie, quite emotional, especially if you like dogs.
Still,it was a movie about a dog. Or, to put it nicely,it was a movie about a human-dog relationship. I get the whole thing, i love animals myself. I already said it was a nice movie,but oh well. I didn't love it. Let's say 6/10? Or 3/5?(-probably not even that much.)
During the past month, literally hundreds of people have been searching Hachiko through google. I wonder why, and more importantly,why all of them at once? The same thing happened with Grease, but that was as soon as I posted it. Now, my views are focused on that Hatchi post, and after just 2 more views it will reach Grease. And I'm like: seriously? Can anyone compare those two? The greatness of the all-time Grease with a movie about a dog? Oh god, I think I'm going to have to deal with it. Just deal with it. It's not that serious is it?
The weird thing though, is that one day the movie was on tv. Yes,during this month. Weird,right? Perhaps they're searching the global movie trends or something like that if such a thing exists.
I guess I just wanted to tell people that I think there are movies greater than this. Perhaps they belong to a different genre, but they do have more things to offer, both aesthetically and as a concept in general. Let's leave it at that. It may just be because I never really liked Richard Gere and his half closed eyes.
My cold -originally hot- cappuccino sucks. Oh dear. I need some chocolate. nom:3

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Yeah,luck or something.

So today I had to take some photographs of places around here, landscapes, buildings etc for my sketches. I finally found half an hour that I could actually spend on it and that I didn't have to be somewhere else, grabbed my camera, and when we got out of the school the adventure began.
I had checked, of course, that my camera was charged. Not fully charged, just charged. Enough battery to work normally anyway. After all, all I needed -at least for the time being- was just a couple of photographs. As soon as I found the right spot to stand to take that first photograph, my camera said to me with an evil grin "Battery exhausted!" And obviously I didn't have the time to go back to my house,find another camera and get back to the spot,and oh you get me.
Conclusion: I may not find the lamest excuses ever for my delays/lack of homework/etc, but they sure do find me. I kid you not. And now my day is gone, I have to wait till Sunday. I'll probably borrow a good camera and go walk somewhere,somehow.