Saturday, 15 October 2011

Exactly when you're thinking it can't get any worse... realise you're wrong. Like seriously fucking wrong. Of course it can get worse and life has proved that more than once. The important question is how long can you stand it.
Today was Liarbirds' live at six dogs. I might have mentioned that on a previous post. But me and my friend were super excited about this,since we know the lead singer/guitarist,and oh you get me. It would be really cool to go.BUT no that did not happen because we didn't know how to get there. And we kept doing circles for an hour or so. And by the time we figured out where it was,I kinda had to go.
Ultimate fucking fail. I'm angry and I can't figure out how did we let this happen. Four weekends staying in,and now this. Aaaaarrrrggggh.
Basically I wrote this 2 days ago,but I couldn't upload it. Here you go,put this in a past tense.


  1. Um, I know where six dogs is. :/ Isn't it behind that No Name shop?

  2. what no name shop?we k-i-n-d-a knew where it was...


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