Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Insomnia and stuff

What's the point of setting rules if you're not going to keep them anyway? Of course I'm referring to procrastination again. I had literally so many things to do and i ended up doing nothing. Again. I went to frontistirio,so that lasted 3 hours, I went to the dentist(can't remember how long that lasted,cause it was weird,perhaps awful,like all the visits to any kind of doctors are), but apart from that, I mainly did nothing. I just spent all of my time on youtube and blogspot and vyou watching all the youtubers I know answering questions and thinking how cool some of them are.
Which brings me back to my own blog. So,this is kinda weird,but recently I've noticed 2 or 3 sites that show up in my stats in the 'referring urls' section. And those sites are completely irrelevant,like gothise dot com and risingtaste dot com. I just hate it when something like this happens,cause I really want to know my stats and everything,which is of course something next to zero if you think about it,but never give up hope. Plus. The posts that have the most views are Grease,Hachiko a dog's story and Cinema paradiso.None of them has a real review or anything,but in any case,those people who have found my blog have all found it through the image search. Well I got the pictures from other people, so I don't know why mine are showing up first. Anyway. Most of those people do not even look at my blog. They just download the photo and leave. And the views to my 'real' posts are up to 10 or something. It's sad.
Did I mention my brother's surgery went fine? No,I didn't,so I'm doing it now.
Fuck its 1.35 am again. What the fuck is wrong with time.I begun writing this post 3 or 4 hours ago, that's how much procrastination we're talking about. I honestly would like to know whether it's my insomnia that keeps me watching videos and blogging,or the other way round.
I want to keep writing just to feel sleepy at some point,but this will become boring and long know.
Ps.I might have said 'really' quite a lot in this post.I apologise. :]


  1. This is like reading about myself. Like, I really ought to be studying now. -.-

  2. Your brother's surgery? You didnt mention anything today!! Fuck, that's what happens when people who can't spend much time together sit and watch movies (Though his one was funny, I must confess)... Oh, I wanted to taaalk! To all of you! Baou, next time maybe...

  3. I blog till like 3:30am....


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