Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I think I've fallen in love with Amsterdam :)

Yep, that's right! Been there for the past three days, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I've decided that's the city I'd like to live in,but of course it comes after London... It's love, innit?
Random facts:
The Netherlands is often referred to as Holland,but Holland is the name of only two of its twelve provinces...Tricky huh?

Most of the land is lower than the sea level,that's why it's called the Netherlands...There are places around 6 metres below sea level!

Amstel beer got its name from the river Amstel:P

45% of the people who live in Amsterdam(or the whole country?) are atheists!

Dutch people are using bicycles more than every other country in the world. There even is a three level bike garage in the middle of the city! Truth be told, I wouldn't recognise my bike, if I was in their place.

There are "coffee shops" everyfuckingwhere! And by coffee shops, I do not mean normal cafeterias, I mean those tiny little psychedelic shops selling weed. And space cakes. Hell yeah.

Dutch guys can be really cool. Like really really cool. Like that guy, from the Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe. Believe me, he was one hell of a guy. *blush* Imagine: Jackson Rathbone's eyes, piercings, cute and sexy at the same time. Ahhh I'd fall for that guy.

Dutch people are so willing to help tourists. Greeks would probably even start laughing at somebody who had taken the wrong tram but in greek,as he wouldnt understand them. Huge difference.

Do not let any other man to book the hotel you're staying in for you. Even if it is considered to be quite a good company or something. You might end up staying in a hotel so far from the centre, that it will not be on any map you buy. Yes, shit happens.

There is a kind of cheese made in Holland that is green. I didn't know about that! Go ahead and try it,it's delicious.

Do not trust completely books containing information about the place you're visiting. If you choose to go and eat to the restaurant the book is recomending, always have a second choice, or you might end up wandering around in the middle of the night. Live music programmes can be actually changed from sunday to saturday.Yep, that happened as well.

Rembrandt statue
me and Guy Fawkes,V  :)
Live in Dam
View from the hotel
Amsterdam at night
Film institute
explaining things about the making of cheese
that green cheese i was talking about


  1. shiiiiiiiiiit!it has a film institute as well?im moving there,mate.

  2. It's EYE Film Institute,google it and have a look at it's site,I haven't found the time yet. Guess what. It is located in a park.

  3. Niiiiice.
    No by the way. I'm not especially ok...


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