Saturday, 26 March 2011

another sunny day.

Screw that. Life is shit, for real. Just when you think things have gotten better, life finds the perfect way to trick you again. You might think, it's alright, it's just another trick, just one out of the million, this is only one day out of my whole life. You might not care if your parents tell you that you're criticising them too harsh, but you're not,and they think you are. But there are people who do care. There are people who don't want to add their parents to their pile of miseries, and just want to discuss and not criticise.Cause, really, sometimes you wanna tell them, Hello, there's something bigger going on here, it's not only what you know, and even worse, what you think you know. What's that bigger thing going on? It's not like you have an easy answer for that, even if they ask you. But it's still there.
My brother writes poems. Really beautiful and sad poems, about a girl in his class. Damn,he didn't want to show the poems to us, his family, but he went and gave it to his class and his teachers. He took part in a poem and literature competition or something, without even telling us. Thank lord, my mum has those crazy ideas of messing up with our stuff and a tendency of searching them when we're not around. God knows how much I hate her when she does that. And she worked her magic once again, and found the poem and read it. And all she could say with tears on her eyes was "Could you ever imagine the little one had so much pain in his heart?" And yeah mum i can bloody imagine that. I've fucking been there,you've fucking been there and try to remember that and don't you dare say you have not. It's been three fucking years now I'm hiding that exact same pain. Haven't you noticed? It was only a year ago when you found my blog with my poems and my stories, my heartbroken stuff, and you made me delete it all. I wanna move on, but can't.

Careful there, you're treading on my dreams.

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