Thursday, 24 March 2011

day 330

Day 330? Already? Nope. I am definitely not avoiding my challenge duties XD
As you can see, I update that thingy on the left,with all the titles and stuff. I just haven't found the time for the whole critic or something. Here,tomorrow is a national holiday. So it's not as if I have nothing else to do,but I just found a couple of minutes to do this. Enough of me blabbering about it.

#479 Zombieland
I did watch this right after Shaun of the dead... Which made me change my opinion on the worst movie ever subject. I found Zombieland so lame, and so overamericanised. If such word exists. So it just made me do the comparison between the two, and at least Shaun of the dead had some cool stuff in it. Zombieland was so based on that romance,and even zombies were disgusting. I mean,zombies are meant to be disgusting,but ... aaaarrrrgggghh I can't fucking explain this. Main actors: Emma Stone(the Easy A girl,I really really like her in general),Abigail Breslin(the Little Miss Sunshine girl,I like her too),Jesse Eisenberg(you know,the guy from Social Network-which I haven't seen:P-,or from Adventureland----am I the only one that confuses this guy with Michael Cera from Juno?I can't explain this!)
Now I've got like 6 movies left to review...  -_-'

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