Wednesday, 9 March 2011

day 345

#483 The adjustment bureau
Although i've heard the worse about this movie, i can't help thinking how unfair people can be. And yeah, it was somehow like when bourne met matrix and inception but that doesn't mean it was not good, you know? Starring Matt Damon as a politician and Emily Blunt as a ballerina, sounded interesting enough to me from the start. The film has to do with destiny, with the plans that "the Chairman" decides and whether or not we can change them. I can't deny there are some scenes very similar to those of matrix, but I wouldn't blame them of copying it. It combines romance and fiction in a nice way, without making too sci-fi or too lovey-dovey...

#482 Mr. Nobody
I don't have much time right now,so here you go:
In the year 2092, one hundred eighteen year old Nemo is recounting his life story to a reporter. He is less than clear, often times thinking that he is only thirty-four years of age. But his story becomes more confusing after he does focus on the fact of his current real age. He tells of his life at three primary points in his life: at age nine (when his parents divorced), age sixteen and age thirty-four. The confusing aspect of the story is that he tells of alternate life paths, often changing course with the flick of a decision at each of those ages. One life path has him ultimately married to Elise, a depressed woman who never got over the unrequited love she had for a guy named Stefano when she was a teenager and who asked Nemo to swear that when she died he would sprinkle her ashes on Mars. A second life path has him married to Jean. Their life is one of luxury but one also of utter boredom. And a third life path has him in a torrid romance with his step-sister Anna, the two who, as adults, would search for each other after having been torn apart as teenagers. These life paths also intersect, with the three women sometimes entering the alternate life in some other aspect. Are any of these lives real or are they all a figment of his imagination?

Once again,not my review,but it's so well written that I can only delete the one I just wrote just to copy this one:
"This genuinely mind blowing movie is an experience revolving around the notion of choice, the importance or futility of decisions, a complex story that questions randomness, and what our lives are made of. Illustrated by bribes of a science documentary enlightening us about concepts like time before and after the big bang, the extremely interesting superstition of the pigeon, the eventuality of the big crunch, the complexity of quantum mechanics and string theory. This is a journey into the human psyche and the ability to create and explore in our imagination all the possible moves, like a chess player, that would lead to different paths, different existences. Exceptionally imaginative, acutely funny and startling, this production reeks of intelligence and craftsmanship, breaks down linear storytelling into bits, only to shuffle the whole thing in a brilliantly orchestrated masterpiece. It reminded me of so many great experiences, from David Lynch movies to Jorge Luis Borges books, it's an exquisite bundle of intellect and emotion.

Choices, their meaning, why we choose this or that road through our lives, their consequences, whether we are aware of them of not. How many different lives could we be living ? Through the infinite possibilities facing each and every one of us, the good and the bad choices, every turn taken creates a new life, the most interesting of all is being alive. Chaos theory and butterfly effect to remind us how small we are in the randomness of the universe and yet so able to actively manifest the reality we desire. Nemo Nobody has to choose between leaving with his mother or stay with his father, the starting point of the exploration his available destinies. Unable to decide, he chooses both and takes us for a ride through an immensity of possible.

Well said from that review,Mr. Nobody is just SO unbelievably amazing. It entered my top 10 film list as soon as I finished watching it,not to mention it left me almost an hour in front of a completely black screen thinking about the greatness of images and ideas one single movie can express. After all,it's Jared Leto in it,how can it worth any less?

"Anna age 15: I want you.
Nemo age 16: I want you too.
Anna age 15: Forever.
Nemo age 16: Forever. There is no life without you.

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