Sunday, 13 March 2011

Holy sh*t, it's apocalypse day.

You know who Jared Leto is,right? You know his band,30 seconds to mars and/or you have seen some of his movies,huh? Let's say that I had never,EVER,paid too much attention on his biography on imdb. Today,the time had finally come.

Biography forJared Leto 

Date of Birth
26 December 1971, Bossier City, Louisiana, USA

Do you see that?THAT right there?The 1971 thingy?He is 40 years old and i had nooo idea whatsoever.Why is he 40 years old?He looks so young and he is hot. I mean,even generally and objectively speaking,he is,he bloody is! My mum is 42,does that mean she would be more likely to date Jared Leto than me?Nah,I just don't get it. It can't be. Total breakdown.
Second thing I noticed:Christian Bale,my all time favourite actor,is indeed 37.Which means he is three entire years younger than Leto. Who would have guessed? Next thing I'll discover,Jared Leto being a dad. You get my point,right?
Third-but lighter-heartattack came when I read he was engaged with Cameron Diaz. You probably already know that,but I did not...And she is one of those celebrities I officially hate. I don't like her at all and he was engaged to her. It's personal taste after all....
I'm going to see Jared Leto live. There is a scheduled concert of 30 seconds to mars on july,hooray:)
Let's hope my mum stays out of this,one fan of Leto is enough for this family, haha! I had to be born at least 5 years earlier...

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  1. That's indeed a shock! I mean knowing something so terrible about your mother... Just kidding!
    It's just that sometimes we discover things that change our lives and opinions, like: My bro listens to BEP which is supposed to be called art...! And it's truly an art...of computer knowledge. So how can I love my bro when he doesn't even have a distant/hidden love for melodic/power metal and progressive rock and sometimes alternative...? It was a shock to listen to "I hate Metal..." and a minute later "Muse suck..." See?!!


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