Saturday, 5 November 2011

I don't approve of Hachiko aka endless talking, so beware.

Hachiko: a dog's story, or Hachi: a dog's tale, or whatever you want to call it,is obviously a movie about a dog. I watched it earlier this year, when i was still posting about movies and stuff. I didn't write a review or anything(due to lack of time),i just posted the posters i found on the internet and the trailer. It was a nice movie, quite emotional, especially if you like dogs.
Still,it was a movie about a dog. Or, to put it nicely,it was a movie about a human-dog relationship. I get the whole thing, i love animals myself. I already said it was a nice movie,but oh well. I didn't love it. Let's say 6/10? Or 3/5?(-probably not even that much.)
During the past month, literally hundreds of people have been searching Hachiko through google. I wonder why, and more importantly,why all of them at once? The same thing happened with Grease, but that was as soon as I posted it. Now, my views are focused on that Hatchi post, and after just 2 more views it will reach Grease. And I'm like: seriously? Can anyone compare those two? The greatness of the all-time Grease with a movie about a dog? Oh god, I think I'm going to have to deal with it. Just deal with it. It's not that serious is it?
The weird thing though, is that one day the movie was on tv. Yes,during this month. Weird,right? Perhaps they're searching the global movie trends or something like that if such a thing exists.
I guess I just wanted to tell people that I think there are movies greater than this. Perhaps they belong to a different genre, but they do have more things to offer, both aesthetically and as a concept in general. Let's leave it at that. It may just be because I never really liked Richard Gere and his half closed eyes.
My cold -originally hot- cappuccino sucks. Oh dear. I need some chocolate. nom:3


  1. What's wrong with a movie about a dog? A good movie can focus on anything ANYTHING!

  2. I knew you were going to comment on this,I did! There's nothing wrong,darl, but...well, not my taste in movies. It'd rather be a cat. Meow. :3


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