Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I'm probably going to die one of these days, I've got so much work to do. Plus I started this art thingy and it's taking quite a long time, so yeah...
Oh the update! Hachi vs Grease:517 vs 417. Epic fail for the epic win? This is getting on my nerves.
My asthma is kind of weird these days, and I feel exhausteeeed. Almost 1am. Still sketching by the way.
I might as well be already dead.


  1. Feel better x.x You gotz!

  2. Yes? Can you hear me? Saint Peter here, from heaven, we are searching you for days, at last I managed to communicate to you through this blog.
    >>Sorry for having you waiting but you should have died 4 days ago, there was a delay with your death application. Would you commit suicide to help us have you here sooner? Too much work to take care of you right now on our own, you see.. I apologize again.
    Looking forward to see you my child!

  3. Oradon,you'll never guess how ironically correct what you said was,I GOT HIT BY A BLOODY MOTORCYCLE YESTERDAY. Saint Peter was trying to hard:P But I'm fine-almost- and I'll try not to die till next week. This is my second weekend staying in,after a weekend out,after three weekends in. :(


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