Thursday, 24 November 2011


I was going to make a blogpost but I forgot what I wanted to say. My mind is just literally not working right now, due to lots of hours in front of a computer screen and biology right after that. I want to make a video thing so bad but I'll look weird and I'll feel awkward. Aaaah. My head is such a mess.
Last week I wrote a post about weird habits and stuff, but it didn't make it up here. And I'm too bored to write it again. So here you go, you can hear the part where I mention things about me that you probably shouldn't know.
1.I can only sleep on the one side of my pillow. And only on a certain corner of it. If I just put my head in any other place of my own pillow, I'll get insomnia and lose my sleep. Is it normal?
2.I sometimes act kind of awkward towards people who kiss you on both cheeks when they see you. You know when 'hello' means hugs and kisses and stuff. I hadn't noticed until recently, when someone pointed out how I looked at them. They described my look as 'looking terribly afraid and confused', which I guess is partly true.
3.I keep biting the inside of my cheeks when i get nervous. I've read on the internet it's some kind of anxiety disorder?!
4.I obviously tend to forget things when I'm thinking of something else,I totally had a no.4 thing to say.

On a totally unrelated note, someone from the other floor(?) has decided to sing and she's giving me a headache.
Second unrelated note, PJ and Chris will be travelling around Europe, they've announced cities, not including Athens of course, and they'll be couch surfing. There will be people asking them to stay in their houses. Lucky bastards. Damn.


  1. And that can oly prove that I am indeed having a headache, my syntax and grammar are falling apart.

  2. see what I did there? *only. motherf*ckin typos.


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