Wednesday, 16 February 2011

the dream.

She was standing right there,in front of him. He was speaking slowly, in a way only she could understand."You have to be careful" he said,never taking of his glasses. "Just before the eclipse,make a wish.They say that if you do so,anything you want comes true". She looked at him not knowing what to say. She didn't believe him after all... Why did he say these things to her? If  things like that happened in real life, her family wouldn't have been killed in that accident, somebody would love her and he wouldn't be here. He barely even knew her. "What's with that? It seems like you really believe in this kind of things. Well I don't. Have you ever wished anything?" she asked in an almost offensive way. "Yeah, of course I did. To see the most beautiful things in life anyone has ever seen" he answered with a voice lower than usual. "And? Did your wish came true? I bet it did not." she said and then she got her camera out of her bag and took a photo of him, perhaps the most perfect shot in her life,combining the calmness of his face and the afternoon light all over. "It did, it actually did. You see, now I can see anything I want. It's all in our head girl. You have to believe it in order to come true. I was looking at the eclipse when it all happened. Make a wish and you'll see. You have nothing to lose".

Almost a year after that conversation with the mysterious man and she couldn't remember a thing. It's not that she wanted to forget, she would never do that on purpose. She had only a few minutes left to wait till the eclipse. She took her camera and started running. There where so many things she would like to do...She went to that place she loved so much-even though she didn't know why. And then she noticed. She noticed him. Or at least that's what she thought. And then she realised the truth. She climbed to the roof of a building and run and run and run without stopping. She jumped over the rooftops, not knowing when she would stop. Then suddenly everything went dark, she lifted her eyes and wished she could be like him. She was looking at the sun, knowing. After the end of the eclipse, she took a big breath and jumped down, to nowhere.

 At the same time,he felt something deep in his heart. He felt something inside him dying. All those years of suffering...where they worth it? That girl he tried to protect, what happened to her? He had said his wish was to see the most beautiful things in life anyone has ever seen. He had wished he couldn't see the cruelty of this world anymore. He was blind.

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