Friday, 25 February 2011

day 357

355 movies to go! Juno is like one of my favourite movies now,especially because it has a reaaally good soundtrack! The opening was also very interesting with the animation and all! I mean,just watch this!
Isn't it nice? Like really,really nice?I love it! The song kinda reminds me of Johnny Flynn...
Well,anyway,the film is about a girl(Ellen Page) who gets pregnant and decides to give the baby to a rich couple who cant have kids... Even if that one-sentence-description doesn't sound interesting to you,i can guarantee you that you'll like it(if you like that kind of music of course!)...
 And I just love this poster!:)

"Juno MacGuff: As far as boyfriends go, Paulie Bleeker is totally boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni. And, I know that people are supposed to fall in love before they reproduce, but... I guess normalcy isn't really our style."

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