Monday, 21 February 2011

day 361

...and 242 movies to gooo :) Watched 13 going on 30 and thought it was pretty good,so SERIOUSLY NOW somebody has to stop me. I'm watching girly movies with no suspense whatsoever,and on a regular basis. This is not happening to me. I'll just wake up one day and go like "I wanna be thirty,flirty and thriving"...which is totally wrong.Why the hell should I care about the dreams of a 13/30 year old anyway? We're all the same:like the hottest guy we know,try our best and stuff,then find out there's that really nice guy who cares about us,and blah blah blah,it's complicated. I'mmmm having a headache.
ps:I never had a thing for hot guys or something:P aigainst eye candieeeeees! :D

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