Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pen pals and youtube people.

Hey everyone. Who wants to be my pen pal? Like real pen pal,pen and paper and letters and stuff. Comment on here if you do.
It's just a thing I used to do when I was younger in order to ameliorer mon français. Mais je n'aime pas parler en français, and I never felt really close with my 3 french penpals so that stopped.(My parents didn't let me have an english penpal because they all liked Harry Potter and my parents thought it was absolute shit or something, a movie with monsters and goblins and freaky things. So i guess i missed a whole great era of penpals.) But. Now that I'm older, I respect that form of writing more, so I guess it's something I want to take up again. Plus,I'll have something to wait for me in the mail. *excited*
Also, who wants to be in a youtube collab channel? I was thinking kind of fiveawesomegirls or lovehatesociety. Perhaps lovehatesociety is more of a thing I'd be interested in. Leave me comments below!(if there's actually anybody on here TT_TT)


  1. γαματη ελενη6 December 2011 at 21:45

    like a youtube version of fab 5? totally interested!

  2. Ummm no?!tha sou eksigisw sto sxoleio. Its more of a getting to know people thing I'd say.


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