Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st day of december

You'll never guess what happened today. First of all, myl-myl got me the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT that was ever known to mankind-i might be exaggerating a little bit,but it's just a little,tiny bit. She got me Stories from somewhere, Pj's cd(and by Pj i mean Pj Liguori aka kickthepj) and she completely surprised me,and oh god that was so awesome. I mean, the songs and the artwork(both by Pj and Maddy) are amazing, but man, she thought of it. How did she even...? Ah, love you myl-myl. Thanks for knowing how much this means to me. :D
The second part of unexpected things includes biology. I've reached whole new levels of procrastination. I started making videos(yes that less than 30" thing on youtube) and i wanted to make another one about pj's cd. Which was totally doable cause i've got so much to talk about. But i couldn't! I just couldn't! I filmed a 20 minute thing that had nothing to do with what i wanted it to be, so screw that. And then TA DAH! Damn, I found the solution! Studying biology would so obviously take my mind off video making. So that's what I did. And now you know, i'll never get anything done,i'll just keep switching projects.
Blogging is the only thing i never procrastinate about. Hm.
Tim, thanks for your birthday wishes, honestly thank you. Even if i had a crappy day.

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