Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Here we go...

Alright, it's me complaining once again. This is going to be a long post and if you're not prepared to read my comments on people being awful, just don't read this.
First of all, there are boys my age(17-18) that obviously don't have brains in their heads. They lack common sense, and yes it's common sense that if you throw chalk pieces to some of your classmates you might actually hit other people too. And yes my eyebrow is THAT close to my eye. And yes, you might have hit me by accident, but I could have lost my eye just by accident you fool. So fuck off, cause even if you admitted you can't live without causing problems to the class, you'll have to breathe the same air with me 6 hours per day for the rest of the year. And trust me, I want both my eyes, it's not that I change them every now and then. And no, it's not that it's the first time this has happened, it's a common phenomenon, but it's the second day in the row that I'm being hit on the face near my eyes,and I'm not the only one, and our teachers have done nothing about it. Don't piss me off mate.
Second thing that got me extremely angry today was that old man chasing that dog with his stick to hit him. Why would anyone do that? We're supposed to live in a cultured society, cultured enough to have charities and organisations that help those of our own kind, but who are we to hit animals or express any other form of not showing respect to them? They are as alive as we are,they have minds and souls. They feel things. And under the same logic, why should I respect you old man, if you don't respect a helpless-more or less-creature? You know what? A dog has the right to want to fuck your dog or whatever, perhaps you yourself may have wanted to fuck someone at least once in your stupid little life, it's not a reason to theaten him you're going to kill him. He probably does not even understand why you're doing it, since your dog is not there with you at the time, and since he's lived right there for at least two years(that I've been passing outside that exact same building). And yes I did stop and talked to him, risking getting hit-he started shouting to me for absolutely no reason,telling me I'm stupid and that I don't understand,and that what he's doing with the dog is none of my business. Which brings me to my next point, that noone else passing by cared. NOONE CARES ABOUT ANYTHING THESE DAYS. What the hell is wrong with the world we live in? Why is that noone has the courage to speak up their minds? Or is it that they don't think at all? Noone cared about the dog(he was chasing him around the block-it was ridiculous), noone cared about me and the old man, noone cared when that motorcycle hit me, noone cared about what happened with that kid at school(except for his friend that saw what happened and told him he was wrong and then the other one told him something along the lines of:what the fuck you're supposed to be my friend, asshole), noone cares about anything. It just makes me angry and sad, but mostly angry.
Tell me just one thing: WHY?


  1. Because 90% of the people on this earth are absolutely douche bags and insensitive assholes.

  2. γαματη ελενη7 December 2011 at 22:59

    ο πολυχρονης?


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