Sunday, 4 December 2011

Alice vs tiny drunk story.

She was there with her friends, they were sitting at their favourite table at their favourite corner of their favourite pub. She was there for her friends, as much as they all were there for her. She had already drunk a couple of beers but she was not feeling dizzy, just a little more enthusiastic with things and a little bit confused on what she was supposed to do.
She reached for his hand. He was cold; her hand was warm against his. She felt the urge to hug him so bad, hold him tight and never let go. But that was not the right thing to do; they had set their rules and that would be highly inappropriate. Not from his side of course, he was gay, he was only seeing her as his friend, it made no difference to him. But she,oh she didn't know if she could keep herself together,hold back from kissing him and looking at him in a way no one had ever looked at him before, she just didn't know and she was not sure she wanted to find out.
She drank her beer at a gulp. Man, she really needed a cigarette at the moment. She didn't smoke, neither did he, but it matter. It was just one of those moments that what you don't need at all is what you need the most.
She grabbed her empty glass, stood up, and still holding his hand she led him to that other table,to the very first spot she saw him after two years of not seeing each other. Someone yelled 'What happened? Where are you going you two?' in the background. They got no answer. Now it was just them. She lit up her cigarette and breathed in the heavy flavoured  smoke. She put one hand on his neck, leaned in and gave him a long, tender kiss with a slight taste of beer and smoke.

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