Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Updates on life

Sorry blogger for ignoring you. Also hello new subscriber/commenter/friend! :)
I didn't go to that Maths exam and I hilariously failed at(?) Physics. I had studied though,but that's another thing.
Did I mention we DID start a collab channel? Like,TODAY? We were supposed to start yesterday but oh well,studying got in the way. I chose Tuesday in order to avoid being the one uploading things first and suggesting themes, but seems like I ended up to be exactly that. For now at least. You should go and watch that though, cause I didn't want to make it, but I did, and I tried so hard not to seem TOO bored and tired. We're called CrazyCollaboratory and I guess you can find that through my channel as well. I also ended up saying wrong the only thing that was decided from the start:the order in which we're going to do videos. Which was NOT a good start.
And now I think I've used too many capitals in this post,but not really. I'm out. Probably going to watch a movie if I find a tiny little bit of time.
'Santa' brought me a book about DA VINCI. And it's bloody AMAZING.
Tim I'm incredibly sorry but I still haven't got your book. I don't even know what it's going to be yet,I do have something on my mind though.


  1. Oh, GOD, I'm about to upload a vlog on Youtube AND YOU ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN ORDER TO STOP ME.
    And I sympathise about the tests.

  2. Hey it's hokayyy :) Hope you are doing well, my friend


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