Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It's impressive how confusing things can be in my head.

It's impressive how confusing things can be in my head. I just spent three days in Meteora with my family for the easter holidays. It was pretty awesome,the place and all i mean. It was cool,really. But my sister has made my life a living hell. She's like trying to convince me she has absolutely no love for me in her. It must be some kind of jealousy about "sharing" our mum,but even if she's five years old she is able to understand that what she does is just not right. And again. People confuse me. People say the dont care   a t   a l l   and still ask your opinion. Well why ask me if you dont care? Go ask someone else whose opinion matters. Or just admit you care even *that* little. People really confuse me. My friends fall in love with each other,and its either bad timing and heartbreaks or total love. Oh,and i forgot to mention that I'm the one that learns about all this at the end. Just when i see it with my own eyes and they can't hide it anymore. Meanwhile,people do trust me with all kinds of secrets. Secrets about everything,secrets that most people know or -even better- secrets that im the first person   e v e r   to tell. Even if its not something really bad or weird or anything,i still get all the burden. I mean,of course,they didn't kill anybody,but still they had the burden and they talked to me about it so i got all the burden. And im supposed to act as if nothing happened,as if none of it matters to me. I just dont get it. Do you?

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