Tuesday, 5 April 2011

day 318

Ok, I've seriously lost any touch with reality. I don't understand how can time pass so quickly. Every day is like hell most of the times,so it generally keeps dragging on forever. However, it's over two weeks now that have passed just like that! I mean is it April? I thought it was still Feb or something. I even write --/02/11 on the date. And sometimes i write --/02/10.  It's quite weird I must admit. It's like I've missed a year of my life or that I've lost me somewhere in between.
People do keep calling me weird. I'm almost always saying exactly what I'm thinking,without being too excessive of course. But they do call me weird and stuff, and still noone has told them that's what's weird indeed. :P

#476 Running with scissors
Most people I know like this movie. It's a story of how a boy was abandoned by his mother and how he, later, abandoned her. The year he'll be 14, the parents of Augusten Burroughs (1965- ) divorce, and his mother, who thinks of herself as a fine poet on the verge of fame, delivers him to the eccentric household of her psychiatrist, Dr. Finch. During that year, Augusten avoids school, keeps a journal, and practices cosmetology. His mother's mental illness worsens, he takes an older lover, he finds friendship with Finch's younger daughter, and he's the occasional recipient of gifts from an unlikely benefactor. Can he survive to come of age?(imdb)
First thing to say:I wouldn't say that was a comedy. Has some funny scenes but I believe they're there to drag on the dramatic tone of the movie and show how tragic life can be. Clearly drama for me. Truth be told, I didn't get that enthusiastic about it. It was interesting, as I like everything that has to do with mental illnesses and human mind. However,the movie wasn't that good in all its length. There where scenes kinda pointless, and some really great ones. I can't choose a favourite character, it would be most likely to choose Augusten's mum,Deirdre Burroughs(Annette Bening). She was meant to be weird and egoistic,and she did it! Augusten(Joseph Cross) was kinda neutral for my taste, but Finch's younger daughter, Natalie(Evan Rachel Wood), was far more interesting. Maybe it's just me, cause I like her in general(Thirteen,True Blood,etc). Even Gwyneth Paltrow's role as Finch's older daughter was way too macabre and sick(which I'm not going to explain,cause you have to see it for yourself:P).Agnes Finch is the most amazing of them all, when it comes to evolving the character...So I've got pretty mixed up whether I liked the film or not...not very useful, innit?
See?This could be very well be a funny clip,but the emptiness of it can only make me think about how much trouble there is in their heads/hearts/whatever.
"Hope: You know Natalie, youre so oral, you'll never get to anal
Natalie: And youll never get a dick in your dried up cunt, you old maid!"
Don't we just love Natalie?

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  1. Some time ago there were speculations about Robert Pattinson being thechosen one to play Kurt but come on... that video really shows that Jared is the only one capable of doing it.


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