Friday, 1 April 2011

another (sunny) day?

Things are getting better. And I'm not going to talk about the guy I like for the past two years and who turned out to be gay. See? It's like I never mentioned it. I'm done with crying and all, our friendship is all that matters, innit? I mean I do need this. So, seriously now, being gay is not something anybody should be ashamed of. It's your choice and you have to support it. Which doesn't mean anything like "go ahead and tell everybody you know" but you get me. Plus, parents should respect things like that. They're still their children, they can't just make their lives a living hell. They've got rights. And parents' control should have some limits.
Anyway, I'm like falling in love with two things.My so-called life,this series with Claire Danes and Jared Leto,and Belle & Sebastian. Like that song:

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