Saturday, 2 April 2011

And since I started off with the music and all...

...I have to post this. I've been listening to it for almost an hour! I'd like to consider the guy who wrote it(Poirot) my friend. Well done George:)
Things to believe in are hard to find
But I've always had a dream that warmed my mind
Let me tell you - I'll tell you
About my secret future paradise
I'm prepared to take off whatever the price
Start a new life - I want to buy a house in Mexico

I sometimes feel I should just settle down
Forget about my plans and become that clown you all want me to
But this song goes out to the world's bellybutton
I'll soon be coming home with my cat-feather hat on
Receive me - I wanna buy a house in Mexico

Maybe I will hate the weather
But I'm sure I'll stay forever
In the house I'll build with heart and soul
Don't you know - in Mexico

Don't you wear now that face
You don't care and it shows
I'm not even in the first seven things that occupy your sweet mind
I'll go down to a place
That nobody knows
Just to find those special moments of peace and leave all issues behind
Down in Mexico

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