Thursday, 19 April 2012

Exams. Or not.

Chemistry exam tomorrow. I mean come on I can do this, I can't screw this up TOO. Right? And here I am, at 19:00, having studied 4hours all day, having watched two and a half movies since morning. I'm lame I know. I mean I want to stop but I've got that urge to be on the internet. Even when my head hurt so much like it was going to explode, even then, I kept being on my computer. What's wrong with me?
Tim I'm so glad you got the letters. I showed your book today to a teacher of mine and I saw the date on it and felt awful. But you got them, so everything's fine. I just hope I'm not writing too much, cause whenever I feel like talking, I write to you. So yeah, that can be a lot. :)
Did I mention he‘s coming back? I did? He is coming back! God. He‘s probably here already but still. And by the way, not picking up the phone is not a good sign.
So to anyone who reads this and talks to me in real life, I'm leaving facebook and every other social networking site until I manage to study. I can't afford failing Panelladikes, not now. So call me or text me if you want to contact me, even though i know you probably won't, because noone talks to me lately either way.
Going to do some homework now. Wish me luck.

Ps. Look at where i was for 3days during the easter holidays. Isn't it just really nice?

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