Monday, 26 September 2011


I'm kind of doing a research on universities of architecture all around Europe,especially England.For those of you who really do know me,i guess you already know both how much i'd love to be an architect some day,and how much i want to study and live in England. Thing is,this kind of stuff doesn't just happen! Well first of all,the minimum grades universities are asking for are not even that minimum. I can just enter university of Athens or Thessaloniki as well if I get those grades! The fees are quite huuuuge and not what I expected really. I mean, I'm no good with economy and the economic crisis information,plus I had heard that university fees where multiplied by 3 this year but I hadn't analysed it any more than that in my mind. Anyway,here's the tricky part: the portfolio. Here in Greece we don't use portfolios to enter such unis. Along with all the other lessons we take exams on pencil drawing and grammiko(i don't know how this is called in english:P) and we have to practice on those for one or two years. So we literally do NOT practice on any other form of drawing or painting,which is what is being asked in portofolios,and all we've got is whatever we do on our own. But with our educational system,we have barely enough time to breathe every once in a while,let alone paint and sketch and create stuff. So we're doomed.
I think I'm taking this a little bit too seriously,cause if you stop and think about it,there must be LOTS of other greek students in the past that wanted to study architecture in an other country. There must be some way to make it there,right? Anyway. I'm off.

Ps.I've got a tumblr and I'm falling in love with it.

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    There is a portfolio seminar at British council but it costs. *ahem* That, is does.


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