Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I turned up at frontistirio an hour early,so what the hell.
I watched Drive on Saturday,and it was quite a good movie.Well of course I was actually prepared to like it just because of Ryan Gosling-and you may say that doesn't sound right and/or that I'm such a lousy fangirl of his, but I'm not,even though I spent half a day or something staring at his photos. He's just a good actor,and maybe one of my favourites.
You know what? It was amazing how little he talked. He just droooove. And kicked ass. But mostly drove. Well here comes Carey Mullighan. How lucky can she be. Never let me go,then this,then future Miss Mumford. Jealous. And the kiss,oh the kiss. Defo watch the movie. Pleaaase.
So I loved every minute of it -almost- and the soundrack was really nice,but that wasn't even the point of this post.
(At least now you have something personal and spontaneous as well.)
What I really wanted to say was that what the fuck is going on with coincidences? Cause there's definitely something going on. You don't just go out and bump onto the person you liked two years ago and he recognises you even though he didn't back then. You just don't. Or you don't get a message as soon as you touch your phone,even though nobody ever texts you. Or -and this is going a little too far- you cannot NOT be able to receive a certain person's messages for ages. And then you think he's avoiding you,but he's not,not really,and you can't bring yourself to talk to this person because let's face it,he did think of avoiding you deep inside. The whole universe is trying to tell you something and you just don't get it.

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