Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I feel like I've been unfaithful to my blog or something.
Earlier today,I told someone to never stop writing on his blog,putting his thoughts into words for the internet world and stuff.Truth is,that is really not the point!You're not writing for others to read, you write mainly to keep your thoughts somewhere safe,like other people do in their diaries.You want to preserve who you actually were at a time.Of course,you're going to say,you knew who you were then,as you do know who you are now,but do you,really?
Personally,sometimes,when I find things I wrote in the past and just re-read them,I find that my opinion on the matter has changed,or that I just don't feel the same way anymore.The reason of the change may vary, from how that situation actually turned out,or just due to age difference,maturity and other experiences.But no matter the reason,you can actually see your own past way of thinking and just go back to the moment you wrote it aaaaall down.
I used to blog a few years ago,until I deleted my blog for a foolish reason-as I say now-but to my 15-year-old me it seemed like the worst thing that could happen at the time.And anyway,I obviously can't return back to 2008 and feel the things I felt,and just by losing the things I wrote,I kind of lose a part of myself.I never kept a diary,and this was my thing.And for the past months,that I've started this blog,I have barely written anything about me.It has almost lost that personal-kinda-feeling you get with blogs.So maybe I've got to start writing again.

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