Monday, 11 July 2011

Biology, 30STM and a little bit of literature.

11 07 11
Im studying biology right now. Well...not. I should, probably, otherwise I'll have to wake up early tomorrow to reread the whole unit. I'm a bit tired, but how can anybody say they're tired after watching a Ghost whisperer episode *and* the last twenty minutes of Spellbound,left from a previous non-studying night? Nah. Truth is,the only thing that keeps me going right now is literature. Almost any kind of book would do right now. I was always into lovestories and stuff, is it even possible to resist when it's RIGHT THERE all well written and waiting for me to read it? Absolutely fucking not. Especially if the book is written in English.
I can assure you,I'm the same person as before,no,aliens did not take me to their land and ate my brain or something. I'm that person who hadn't read a book for almost a year,and has now succeeded to read two books in 3 weeks. Hooray. The first was 'Thanks for the memories' by Cecilia Ahern and the second 'The evil seed' by Joanne Harris. They're quite good, both of them. The evil seed is just...aaaaah.A m a z i n g. It kept me interested the whole way through.
Bit of trivia:Super 8 vs. 30 seconds to mars.
I'm also the person who decided not to go to the concert that I've been blabbering about for months just because I didn't feel really well at the moment. I didn't feel like it. And I went to the cinema instead. Who would have guessed.

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