Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I guess it's that time of the year again...

Today classes at frontistiria officially start, and this is our final year at school. No more jokes,huh?
Yesterday the results for greek universities came out. It got them more than 2 months to announce who would get into which university. This time next year, it will be us waiting for the results... And with the new system and all, things will be tough. Reaaaally tough. For as much as i've heard, the changes that are (supposedly) going to be done are not that bad. They're more like a slight approach to the english educational system, but greek academics don't seem to agree. Which means more trouble for no reason,and things getting worse and worse. This year School of architecture n.t.u.a. was closed for six months! For SIX whole months, students had no lessons AT ALL, but they took the summer exams anyway... Doesn't sound good to me!=_=
I said that the results came out,didn't I? Well,guess what. The last person to get into School of architecture of Athens had 18.95/20,which is not that bad. I mean the exams were extremely difficult this year. But,our lovely system *helps* those who have 3 or more children(their income has to be under a certain limit) by entering on an other category and giving them the possibility to get into a university of their choice with lower grades,which is very thoughtful indeed, but unfair at some points. For example,think of this year. The last person from that category to enter School of architecture of Athens had only 4.7/20. Well, well, how fair is that for everyone else?
I think I have a headache all of a sudden.
Goodmorning everyone.

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  1. Ah, the joys of being a student in Greece. Makes my heart soar.


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